Our Zapier connection is in invite-only beta right now, but we’d be happy to include your team. Here's the invite link: 


Once invited, you’ll need your team’s ID and API key, which is in the Zapier section of the Team Settings - Integrations page. (You can also find these tokens under the API tab on the Team Settings page.)

Zapier gives you the flexibility to do quite a bit, but here's what we recommend:

Adding Activity from Other Tools to Check-Ins

Using the Record Activity  action, you can channel activity via triggers from other tools to Status Hero. For example, when Asana tasks are completed or Zendesk tickets are closed. As long as you pass the correct email of your team member into the Record Activity action, Status Hero will automatically add the activity to next check-in for that person.

Exporting Check-ins to Other Tools 

Using the New Status Check-in trigger, you can export check-in data whenever someone on your team completes one. 

You can also export comments with the New Comment  trigger.

Note: The Zapier integration is available in Pro and Corporate plans only. If you are subscribed to the Basic plan, you will need to upgrade to use the Zapier integration.

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