Here's how the GitHub integration works: you connect repositories to Status Hero with a webhook, and Status Hero will match up commits and pull request updates to your team members. The events will appear in the activity page and alongside their check-ins.

To use it, visit the settings for a GitHub repository you want to connect on GitHub, and click through to the "Webhooks" page. Visit the integrations page in the team settings in Status Hero, and copy over the payload URL listed there under the GitHub panel.   

In GitHub, select application/json  for "Content type", enable SSL verification, and select the Push and Pull Request events. 

To test it out, make a push to the GitHub repo and look for a new entry in the activity stream.

Right now, we just process push and pull request events, but if you think other events would be helpful, please let us know!

Here's how the commits in a push event will show up next to check-ins:

You can add as many repos as you want to your Status Hero team using the same webhook URL.


  • Look for commits in the activity stream first. The check-ins on the dashboard will sum up commits from the previous period. (The check-ins essentially say "here's what I did yesterday, and here are all the commits to go along with that.)

  • Check to make sure the email address that is being used in GitHub matches the email address that is being used in Status Hero. If you or a team member is using a different email address in GitHub, set the secondary email address in Status Hero to match the one used in GitHub.

  • Make sure that the commit authors (not the person who "pushed" to the repo) match up either by email or by first and last name with people on your team in Status Hero.

  • The commits have timestamps that are different from when they are pushed to the repo, and we use the commit timestamps to match up with check-ins. So if you pushed commits that are a few days old to a repo, they will appear with older check-ins, or discarded if they happened before you created your Status Hero account or added the author as a Status Hero team member.  

Note: The GitHub integration is available in Pro and Corporate plans only. If you are subscribed to the Basic plan, you will need to upgrade to use the GitHub integration.

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