Here's how to connect a bot from Status Hero to a channel in Microsoft Teams. Once connected, the bot can collect check-ins from team members with private direct messages, and then display the check-ins and summaries into your Microsoft Teams channel. Our overview and usage guide has more details.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you have a Status Hero account set up first, and that you are the administrator of the Status Hero account or the team manager for the team in Status Hero you want to use with Microsoft Teams.

  • You or your Microsoft Teams administrator will need to enable uploading of custom apps in Microsoft Teams. (This is temporary - we're just waiting on Microsoft for publication into the Microsoft Teams app directory).

  • Nobody from your Microsoft Teams instance will get any messages or emails from the Status Hero bot until you explicitly add them to your Status Hero team. (See "Add Users from Status Hero" below).

If you think it might be easier to follow along with a video instead of the instructions below, here's a link to a video that follows the installation steps.

Installation Steps

First, download the Status Hero bot application file (it's a zip archive):

From Microsoft Teams, click on "Apps" in the main navigation, and then click on "Upload a custom app"

When prompted, select the zip file you just downloaded. Click on the resulting "Status Hero" card. A modal dialog will pop-up. Click on the dropdown next to the "Add" button and click on "Add to a team":

Pick a team and channel to use with the bot:

Note that you currently cannot connect bots to private channels in Microsoft Teams. More information here:

Now, from the channel you just selected, @mention the Status Hero bot and and give it the connect command:

The Status Hero bot will send you a direct message with an expiring activation code (it's hidden until you click on the "Show the activation code" button:

Next copy that code, log in to Status Hero and paste it into the Team Settings > Integrations > Microsoft Teams and paste it into input box there, and click on the "Connect" button:

In Microsoft Teams, Status Hero will send you a message that it's connected:

Congratulations! Status Hero and Microsoft Teams are now connected. Next, you can add users to Status Hero from Microsoft Teams (see below). And be sure to visit our usage guide to see how the bot works.

Add Users to Status Hero from Microsoft Teams

Once connected, you can add users from the team members list in Status Hero, just click on the "Add from MS Teams" button.

Check off the users you want to add. (If your Microsoft Teams instance is large one, a search box will show up so you don't have to scroll down a lot.)

Note: when the bot is first connected, it will try and match up existing users in Status Hero to your Microsoft Teams instance, so those people might already be checked off.

Click on the "Add selected Microsoft Teams users" to add the selected users.

That's it! The new Status Hero users will get a welcome email, and the bot will check them in when the next round of check-ins are scheduled. (You can adjust the check-in notification times and methods for both the team and team members individually.)

Disconnecting the integration

To disconnect Status Hero, visit the Team Settings > Integrations > Microsoft Teams panel in Status Hero and click on the "Remove Microsoft Teams connection" link.

In Microsoft Teams, you can disconnect the integration by @mentioning the bot and sending a disconnect command in the channel it's connected to.

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