Sometimes you may want to switch the Slack channel Status Hero uses to broadcast check-ins, reports, and other information to your team. 

To switch the channel, you'll essential remove and re-add the Status Hero integration in Slack. But don't worry, none of your existing data will be lost or affected. 

First, remove the Slack integration from within the team settings in Status Hero by clicking on the "Remove Slack connection" link:

Then, click the "Add to Slack" button to re-integrate Status Hero and Slack:

Next, Slack will prompt you to re-authorize Status Hero and select a broadcast channel. That's it! Status Hero is now configured to use the new channel you selected. 

Note: If you've selected a private channel, then you will probably want to give Status Hero read-access to the channel as well, so that the bot can automatically update existing check-ins and summaries. Here's how to do that.

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