Note: SSO/SAML is available in our Corporate or Enterprise plans.

Here are the steps to connect Status Hero authentication with Duo Access Gateway:

1. Setup and enable Status Hero in Duo

Follow the instructions provided by Duo to setup Status Hero as a generic SAML service provider:  

Use email for the NameID  attribute.
The Entity ID is
The Assertion Consumer Service is
Everything else can be left as the default (or blank) values

After you've saved the setup, you'll get a link to "Download your configuration file". This is an XML file. Download it and send it to us either through support chat or at

2. Test with Status Hero

Once we've received your configuration file, we'll enable SSO authentication for your account. You'll need to have the email addresses of the users in Status Hero match the users you have enabled for the application in Duo. 

You can test the configuration at

Once you've confirmed with us that the authentication is working as expected, we'll disable conventional login/password access for your account.

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