Here's how the Zendesk integration works: you connect Zendesk to Status Hero with a webhook URL, and Status Hero will match up Zendesk ticket activity to your team members based on their email address. Then, their Zendesk activity appears in the activity page and alongside their check-ins, automatically.

Here are the steps to take to set it up:

Step 1: Vsit the Integrations tab for your team settings in Status Hero, click open the Zendesk panel, and copy the unique URL there to your clipboard.

Step 2: Visit the "Settings" section of Zendesk and click through to the "Extensions" area. Then, click on "Add Target".

Step 3. Select "HTTP target" from the list of extensions.

Step 4. Fill in the HTTP target form:

  • Use "Status Hero Notification Webhook" for the title

  • Paste the URL from Step 1 into the URL field

  • Select "POST" for Method

  • Leave "JSON" for Content Type

  • Select "Create target"

  • Click "Submit"

Step 5. Click on "Triggers" under "Business Rules", and then hit the "Add trigger" button.

Step 6. Fill out the form

  • Use "Notify Status Hero of solved tickets" for Trigger Name

  • Add a condition of "Status Is Closed" under Conditions

  • Select "Notify target" and "Status Hero Notification Webhook" under actions

  • Fill in the code below for JSON Body

  • Click the Create button

"event": "ticket_solved",
"ticket": {
"id": "{{}}",
"title": "{{ticket.title}}",
"url": "{{ticket.url}}",
"assignee": {
"name": "{{}}",
"email": "{{}}"

That's it! Solved tickets will now be recorded in Status Hero. You can repeat Step 5 for "ticket_closed" (closed) tickets or "ticket_updated" (updated) tickets too.


  • Look for updates in the activity stream first. The check-ins on the dashboard will sum up Zendesk updates from the previous period. (The check-ins essentially say "here's what I did yesterday, and here is all the Zendesk activity to go along with that.)

  • Make sure that the ticket assignees in Zendesk match up either by email or name with the email or name of the people on your team in Status Hero.

Note: The Zendesk integration is available in Pro and Corporate plans only. If you are subscribed to the Basic plan, you will need to upgrade to use the Zendesk integration.

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