When Status Hero is connected to Microsoft Teams, check-ins and summary reports will be automatically sent to the channel of your choice. 

Here's how to set it up: 

Make sure you have a Status Hero account set up first. Also, you or your team admin will need to enable the sideloading of external apps in Microsoft Teams.

1. Download the Status Hero application package for Microsoft Teams (it's a zip file):

2. In Microsoft Teams, go to "Teams" in the left-hand menu
3. In the menu to the right of your team name, select "Manage team"

4. Click on the "Apps" tab

5. Click the "More apps" button. In the bottom left corner of the resulting Apps page, click "Upload a custom app"
6. Select the application package (a zip file) that you downloaded in Step 1
7. Status Hero will appear in the apps list. Click on it, and then click on the "Available" link in the resulting dialog

8. Select the channel you want to use, then click on the "Set up" button
9. A long list of connectors will appear. Scroll to the bottom and select the "Configure" button next to Status Hero

10. In the resulting dialog, copy the webhook URL and click "Save"
11.  In Status Hero, visit the integrations page for your team, open the Microsoft Teams panel, and paste in the webhook URL you copied, and click "Save"

That's it! Status Hero will now broadcast check-ins and check-in summaries to the Teams channel you selected.

Status Hero will only connect with the people in your Microsoft Teams account who are also Status Hero team members - it does this by matching email addresses. It won't connect everyone in your Teams account unless you add them all to Status Hero.

Note: this is our first release of this integration, and we're working on extending the functionality. Stay tuned!

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