Note: SSO/SAML is available in our Corporate or Enterprise plans.

Setup and Configuration

To setup your Status Hero account with SSO/SAML and Okta, you'll need to take the following steps. Right now there is still a manual step on our end, so we'll need the link from the last step along with a heads-up that you would like to enable SSO/SAML with Okta for your account.

Once we confirm that everything works, we'll disable password authentication and magic link sign-in capability completely for your account.

Here are the steps:

1. Log in to your Okta organization as a user with administrative privileges
2. Click on the blue “Admin” button
3. Click on the “Add Applications” shortcut
4. Click on the green “Create New App” button
5. In the dialog that opens, select the “SAML 2.0” option, then click the green “Create” button
6. Fill in "Status Hero" for the "App name"
7. (Optional) Upload our logo
8. Click the "Next" button
9. In the next step, fill in for the "Single Sign on URL"
10. Fill in  for the "Audience URI"
11. Change the "Application username" field to "Email"
12. In the “Attribute Statements” section, add two attribute statements:

  1. “FirstName” set to “user.firstName”
  2. “LastName” set to “user.lastName”

13. Select "I'm a Customer" in the feedback section
14. Click "Finish"
15. In the "Sign On" tab, copy the link for "Identity Provider metadata" and send it to us

Provisioning Users

We're working on provisioning users in Status Hero from Okta automagically, but for now it's a two step process for each user:

  1. Add the user in Status Hero to the first team you want them in, making sure their email address is unique and the same one you have for them in Okta (or skip this step if the user already exists in Status Hero)
  2. Under the "People" tab for the Status Hero application in Okta, add and enable the user

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